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Science Museum Super Magnet

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SM Super Magnet CAT No. 2500171

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Product Details

Super Magnet, irresistible attraction included!

This product is endorsed by the London Science Museum.

  • Try out some experiments with the extra strong magnets in this kit.
  • The first magnets were known as magnatite or lodestone.
  • Use the magnets to attract and repel each other and to explore the magnetic world around you.
  • Magnatism is an effect that we cannot see, hear or touch. We can detect magnetic fields by forces they produce. For instance, if you put two magnets close together, they will either push apart or pull together.
  • The earth has its own magnetic field around it. The iron core inside the earth causes this field. Explorers have been using the Earth's magnetic field to find their way around for ceturies. Magnets in compasses spin round until their North-seeking pole points to the North pole point to the North pole on the Earth.


  • 2 super power bar magnets in plastic cases
  • 2 ring magnets in plastic cases
  • 1 hore shoe handle
  • 1 wand handle
  • 2 car/boat chassis
  • 4 buoy structures for yaushs
  • 8 wheels for racers
  • 2 rods for fishing wands/yacht masts
  • 4 joints for attaching to fishing wand
  • 1 plastic sheet of 2 sails
  • 10 fishes templates
  • 10 paper clips
  • 20 metal screw nuts
  • 1 rool of thread
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Fun facts and principles of magnetism.
  • sufficent for 2 players.

For Ages 8 Years+







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