Create A Night Sky Projection Kit by 4M

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Create A Night Sky Projection Kit CAT No.2500168

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Product Details

Create A Night Sky Projection Kit. Twinkly, twinkly loads of stars.

This product is endorsed by the London Science Museum.

  • When you've built the kit you can turn your room into a planetarium and look at the stars
  • Humans have looked into the night sky throughout history. For a long time, people imangined that the stars were put there for us to look at on the inside of a big ball (with us at the centre). As more accurate observations were made of how stars and planets moved, poeple realised that it was all a bit more complicated that that.
  • Nicholas Corpernicus, from Poland, published "on the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres" in 1543, to share his big new ideas: the Earth is not the centre of the universe; the distance for the Earth to the Sun is tiny compared to the disnce to the stars; the Earth, like the planets, revolve around the Sun.


  • Night sky domes of Northern and Southern hemisphers
  • lamp
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Start charts of both Hemerspers

For Ages 8 Years+



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