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Nerf Rebelle Messenger

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Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow is a must-have for spy situations that require elegance with an edge.

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Product Details
  Nerf Rebelle Secret Spies Messenger Play the game online here.

Secret Spy! Send secret messages to your friend that no one else can read!

The Messenger blaster comes with a built-in decoder on the blaster and a separate decoder for your fellow agent. Write your message on the dart with the special pen hidden in the blaster handle, then launch your message! The text is visible only through special red lens on the blaster or on the separate decoder. Includes blaster, marker, decoder, and 5 Secret & Spies darts. Messages wash off the darts for reuse.

Play the game online here.

Product Features

  • Fires foam arrows up to 20m with 3-dart launcher
  • Pen hidden in handel.
  • Write and send secret messages.


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  • WDA8760
  • WDA8760