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Monopoly Electronic Banking

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The classic property trading game updated for the 21st century.

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Product Details

 The classic property trading game updated for the 21st century.

No need to count all that fiddly money these days, it's all done by plastic. The electronic banking unit keeps track of every players vast fortune, and you pay for everything by card. The rules are the same, you just get to pay differently. Swipe your card and rack up the millions as you work your way around the board amassing your millions. Own the game board and bankrupt the other players to win - don't cut up their cards, though, you'll need them for the next game.

Product Features

  • The fast-dealing property trading game goes high-tech with an all-new electronic banking unit.
  • Store millions with a swipe of your bank card
  • Stack up transactions
  • Track cash and collect properties to win
  • For up to 6 players



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  • WDA7444