Gross Science by John Adams

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Gross Science by John Adams

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Product Details
Watch more: Gross Science  How to video.
Gross Science for budding boffins who love yucky experiments

This features 12 odious activities that will give your child a better understanding of how the human body works. It will nurture their interest in science by showing them it can be disgusting and fun through experiments such as making scabs and boils and producing a wobbly brain!

The kit includes safety goggles, fart putty powder, a boil sheet, a syringe, cotton bud, fake maggots, stomach model, wooden stick, 2 plastic cups, poo mould, scoop, snot powder, fart/burp canister and lid, sponge, vomit glue, wax paper, 2 eyeball moulds, eyeball powder, iris ball, 2 brain/finger moulds, red, yellow and blue food colouring and instructions. Please note: the kit requires some additional items not included in the box that can usually be found around the home.

Useful info:

  • Suitable from 7+ years with adult supervision.
  • Requires adult supervision
  • Please note: some additional items required not included in the box



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Love the goo!
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Beverley White () - February 13th 2020
This is brill. Would have given it five stars if only cleaning up was easy. Good birthday present though. My daughter loves making, creating experiments. It keeps her occupied, and she enjoys school science more.

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