Spirograph Blister Pack
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Product Description:
  Watch How to make Spirograph Figures
  Watch How to do Spirograph

Create thousands of amazing decorations and designs:


Invented by legendary engineer Denys Fisher, Spirograph has been making the world's drawings come to life since 1965! With its geometric and swirling patterns, it has helped kids big and small to create beautiful art, stunning designs and wonderful memories for generations.

Today Spirograph continues this tradition in 21st-century style with all-new designs across the range as well as exciting new options such as 3D and fluorescent sets that take it to a new level allowing you to create amazing, eye-catching designs that literally pop out at you. Transform those lazy afternoons and colour your world brighter with Spirograph. What will you bring to life today?

Product Features

  • Create thousands of amazing decorations and designs
  • Bring your imagination to life with a range of rich, vibrant colours and effects
  • Works with standard felt-tips, pens, pencils and pencil crayons for unlimited drawing options
  • Take it to the next level with eye-popping 3D and super-bright fluorescent kits (available separately)
  • Share, swap and combine your designs to create the ultimate masterpiece
  • Ages 5+



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My child loves this.
  • Rating 5/5 Stars.
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Beverley White () - October 29th 2014
I added this as an extra item to my order. I had no idea that my child would love this more than the £20 toy I originally gave her as a birthday present. A great product and I would recommend it , she has hours of fun with it and takes it to school to show her friends. She tells me she's popular at school.