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Eddy Jolly Roger Kite 50 cm

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Eddy Jolly Roger Kite 50 cm Multicolored.

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Yarrr, let the wind fill your sails, splice the mainbrace and other piratey things that we're not quite sure we know the meaning of, we've got the perfect pirate kite for your little landlubber to try out the next time the wind picks up. The Eddy Jolly Roger Kite 50 cm is part of our Eco Line range, providing you with a classical designed diamond kite that's ready to fly but easy on the pocket, making it the perfect new kite for an absolute beginner. It comes with everything you need to get it up in the air straight out of the pack, and has a tail attached that will look gorgeous trailing in the wind.

Product Features

  • A classic diamond Jolly Roger kite
  • Comes complete with tail
  • Ready to fly straight out the pack
  • Suitable for beginners


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  • WD102105
  • WD102105