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Mr Rogers of London wrote:

". Just wanted to say thank you for excellent service. I was able to get the 10th Doctor Electronic Tardis from you at a fraction of the cost it would be elsewhere. Delivery was quick too. Many thanks! " (Dec, 2014)

Mrs. Harris of Newport Gwent wrote:

" I bought this on her birthday, she went crazy with joy. She can't stop thanking me, her sleep over friends have love this too. Did you know there's more to do on-line! Highly recommend if you looking for a creative toy. Couldn't find this toy cheaper anywhere! " (Dec, 2014)

Mrs.Roberts of Llandudno wrote:

" Wonderful doll for my 4 year old, she goes everywhere with her tiny tears interactive doll. I love it when she says "Mama", it’s so cute... Best baby toy in the world." (Nov, 2014)

Womensware Collection

Welcome to our Womensware Collection
Choose from a selection of fabulous Maxi, Bodycon, Office & Day Dresses.

Womens Shoe Collection

Welcome to our Womens Shoe Collection
Choose from a selection of fabulous footwear.

Traditional Puppet Toy Gift

Welcome to our Alternative Toy Gift Collection
Thinking of a different kind of toy, one that is both creative, loving and fun! Choose from a selection of fabulous high quality puppets that make you laugh and amaze children of all ages.

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These products are the latest addition to our store.
John Adams HolograFx
Regular Price: £27.76
Sale Price: £24.98
John Adams Action Science Glow in the Dark
Regular Price: £17.99
Sale Price: £16.19
WD Spirograph Blister Pack
Regular Price: £2.99
Sale Price: £2.39
John Adams Mega Construction Robot & Helicopter
Regular Price: £17.99
Sale Price: £16.19
WD Spirograph Studio Set
Regular Price: £19.99
Sale Price: £16.00

You will find items heavily reduced for clearance.

SM Cosmic Jet Racer
Regular Price: £10.79
Sale Price: £5.39
HM Bandai Catcha Beast
Regular Price: £5.99
Sale Price: £2.99

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At Kids Wearhouse we are committed to help you find the right products, quality and service at the lowest possible price. We have sourced our Suppliers to constantly give you the best in quality and price. Our list of products is growing so keep visiting the site for new great offers.


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